Meet Our Hearing Team

Our trained professionals work hard to bring you the highest quality of hearing care.

Jo-an Mealler
Audiologist, MS, CCC-A. F-AAA

Ashley Taylor
Doctor of Audiology Resident

Heidi Moore
Office Manager

Aaron Bebee
Financial Coordinator

Mission Statement

“Helping our patients to engage with the people in their lives and the world around them on a personal level through better hearing health and unmatched patient care.”

Code of Conduct:

1. Who we are

We are a team of professionals working together to provide a quality client experience through patient-focused attitudes and actions.

2. How we behave

We are ladies and gentlemen serving the hearing needs of other ladies and gentlemen.

3. What we believe

We believe that every person should have an opportunity to maintain relationships with their friends, family, and community through better hearing.

4. How we succeed:

We utilize current and research-proven healthcare that is unique to each patient while providing exceptional customer service.