What to Expect at a Hearing Test

It's natural to feel a little anxious before your hearing test. After all, your hearing is such a valuable part of life and you want to make sure it's in the best shape possible.

A hearing evaluation is important for getting a clear grasp on your overall hearing health and to identify any auditory problems and take the necessary action for better hearing or proactive hearing health management.
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During a hearing test, you will be thoroughly evaluated by a hearing care professional,...

...necessary data is obtained and a comprehensive report is generated to help you understand exactly what is happening with your auditory system and gather a foundational understanding about what and how some treatment options may be recommended for you. 

The results of a successful hearing test can go beyond the medical implications, leading to improved relationships with your family and friends. It helps them understand the difficulties of living with a hearing impairment and can aid in providing better communication and support for everyone involved.

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The Five Major Components

There are many options available to a patient when it comes to choosing the right product for them, but the issue is in knowing the products well enough to make a well-educated and informed decision.
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Health History and Intake

The questions asked during a hearing exam are similar to those you would encounter when visiting a healthcare provider for other concerns.
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During the examination, our hearing care providers will carefully inspect your ears, looking for any physical obstructions that...
ear exam


This section of the exam measures the elasticity of your eardrum through alteration of pressure inside the ear canal.
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Speech Testing

Certified providers are highly trained to evaluate your hearing and determine the best type of hearing aid or treatment for you.
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Air and Bone Conduction Test

The Air and Bone Conduction Test portion of the exam is usually what one thinks of when they are picturing a hearing test – sitting inside a sound booth with headphones on and either raising your hand or clicking a button.

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