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Hearing Aid Evaluations

There are many options available to a patient when it comes to choosing the right product for them, but the issue is in knowing the products well enough to make a well-educated and informed decision.
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Hearing Aid Fittings

A spectacular hearing aid is useless if it’s not customized in its settings and programming to meet your needs. Our providers are oftentimes requested to provide a second opinion regarding hearing aids obtained elsewhere and a patient’s lack of success with the product, and the issues don’t typically exist with the product, but rather how it was set up for the patient, both physically and digitally.
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Custom Hearing Protection

Custom hearing protection is a vital part of protecting your ears from loud and damaging noises. It provides a tailored fit that can help to reduce the risk of hearing loss, tinnitus, and other auditory issues. With custom hearing protection, you can enjoy all the activities you love without worrying about long-term damage to your ears. Whether you're an avid hunter or musician, custom hearing protection can help keep your ears safe from harmful sounds.
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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are an important tool for people with hearing impairments. They provide a way to amplify sound and make it easier to understand speech in noisy environments. ALDs can also be used to help people with hearing impairments communicate better in social situations and make sure that they don’t miss out on important conversations. ALDs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from personal amplifiers that fit into the ear canal, to devices that can be worn around the neck or clipped onto clothing.

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Sound Sensitivity and Misophonia

Misophonia is a condition where people are overly sensitive to certain sounds. It can cause feelings of anger, anxiety, and even depression in those who suffer from it. This can make everyday life very challenging for them as they may find themselves avoiding places or situations that contain the sound they're sensitive to. With the right treatment plan in place, those with misophonia can find relief from their symptoms and lead a more fulfilling life.

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Cochlear Implants and Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

Cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids are two of the most advanced technologies used to treat hearing loss. These devices are designed to improve the quality of life for those with hearing impairments by providing them with improved sound clarity and volume. Cochlear implants directly stimulate the auditory nerve, while bone anchored hearing aids send sound vibrations through the bones in your skull. Both devices have been proven to be effective in restoring a person's ability to hear, allowing them to participate more fully in their lives.

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Concussion and TBI Testing

Concussion and TBI testing is an essential part of diagnosing, managing, and preventing head injuries. With the help of advanced technologies, healthcare professionals can now quickly assess a patient’s condition and provide appropriate treatment. These tests use sophisticated algorithms to detect changes in brain activity that could indicate a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This helps doctors identify the severity of the injury as well as any potential long-term effects.

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VA Services

Our office is able to provide healthcare for those who have hearing loss and/or tinnitus and are eligible for VA services. With the help of the VA Community Care Program for hearing health, individuals can enjoy improved communication with family members and friends, participate in activities that require high levels of auditory processing, and feel more comfortable in their everyday lives.

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