Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a condition that impairs a person’s ability to first have awareness of sound at a normal listening level and in more severe cases, to perceive sound to be distorted or unclear even when it is detected.

This can vary from mild to severe in its effects and may affect just one ear or both. Noise exposure is the primary cause of hearing loss with general wear and tear being the second cause.
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Hearing loss can lead to problems such as tinnitus, difficulty making out conversations in the presence of background noise, difficulty with understanding the clarity of words in a sentence, or hearing television or the phone at a normal level.

One should take care to minimize exposure to loud sounds and participate in regular hearing screenings or exams to monitor for any changes in hearing, sometimes caused by viruses, systemic changes in the body, or catastrophic trauma to the body.
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Untreated Hearing Loss

To ensure a healthy lifestyle as one ages, it is imperative to address any hearing loss and take the necessary steps to improve quality of life.
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The Impact of Hearing Loss on Relationships

Hearing loss can cause social isolation and has a substantial effect on one's social life and interpersonal relationships.
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Advantages to Hearing Loss Prevention

From a public health standpoint, it's important for everyone to protect their hearing as it not only enhances the longevity of your senses, but also helps maintain an optimum quality of life.

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