When an object is sent into vibration such as a person dropping a fork or speaking a word, that vibration is transformed into mechanical energy by the tympanic membrane. It is then transmitted through the ossicles to the inner ear where it is changed again into hydraulic energy for transmission through the fluid-filled cochlea. The cochlea’s hair cells are stimulated by the fluid waves and a neurochemical event takes place that excites the nerves of hearing. The physical characteristics of the original sound are preserved at every energy change along the way until this code becomes one the brain can recognize and process.

Hearing loss misleads our brain with a loss of audibility and introduces distortion into the message that reaches the brain. Changes in the effectiveness of the brain to process stimuli, from head trauma, disease, or from aging, can result in symptoms that mimic hearing loss. The ears and the brain combine in a remarkable way to process neural events into the sense of hearing. Perhaps it’s fair to say that we “hear” with our brain, not with our ears!

If our Doctors of Audiology have determined that there has been a change in your hearing range it may be suggested that hearing technology will help to improve your communication. Western Colorado Hearing & Balance uses a wide variety of manufacturers, styles and levels of technology to meet your hearing needs. Click here to get more information on hearing technologies that we offer.  

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